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Popeyes in the Circle City Classic Parade

Source: Station Provided/Radio One / WTLC/Praise Indy

About a month ago, the fried chicken chain POPEYES introduced a new Chicken Sandwich to the world and the world responded!!!

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich was advertised to be “better than Chick-Fa-Lay.”

After hearing that the world ran to Popeyes to get one.  But the demand for the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich was more than they could bear.  They could not meet the suppy from the Demand!!!  They actually ran out of chicken sandwiches!!!

The Popeyes chain went so far as to say we have Chicken but no buns, and if you would bring your own bun to our restaurant, we’ll make you a Chicken Sandwich!!!  THAT DIDN’T WORK!!!!

Over the the weekend, Popeyes reintroduced the Chicken Sandwich saying “WE’RE BACK”!!!

Popeyes chicken sandwich

Source: Popeyes / Popeyes

Ironically, the “WE’RE BACK” campaign started on a Sunday with their rival “Chick-Fa-Lay” is CLOSED!!!!   They brought back the chicken sandwich when their Rival was Closed – on Sunday!!!

So it’s back, and will the world respond again?  I DON’T THINK SO!!  Not at the same rate as the first time.

LESSON TO BE LEARN:  Make sure your company can produce the Supply with the Demand!!!

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