Supreme Court Decides Whether Of Not To Review Challenge Of California's Prop 8

Source: Chip Somodevilla / Getty

If you’ve driven through Beautiful Bladensburg, Maryland, it’s kinda hard to miss a huge cross standing in the middle of the largest and most unusual intersection in that city.

There are some folks that want the Cross taken down because it shows unconstitutional support of Christianity.

Well, the American Legion took the case to court for the removal, and it’s gotten all the way to the Supreme Court.

Now that it’s in the Supreme Court and almost time for the case to come before the 9 Justices, The U.S. Supreme Court is giving extra time to each side during oral arguments in the case of The American Legion vs. the American Humanist Association, which will ultimately decide the fate of the Bladensburg Peace Cross.

The cross was erected over 90 years ago at a prominent intersection in Bladensburg, Maryland, as a memorial for Prince George’s County residents who died in World War I. In 2017, the fourth circuit ruled in favor of the American Humanist Association, saying the location of the cross was an unconstitutional support of Christianity over other religions.

So the fate of the Bladensburg Peace Cross is still in Limbo and still stands in the intersection in Bladensburg, Maryland in what is called “Peace Crossing.”

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan:    “I drove past this Peace Cross on the way to school every single day and it’s always meant a lot to me.”  “The fact that we’re talking about potentially trying to take this down, I can tell you as long as I’m governor it’s never going to happen.”