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As he gears up to release his new book, titled The Truth About Men: What Men & Women Need To Know, DeVon Franklin stopped by Get Up! Mornings to discuss its details.

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Franklin told Erica and GRIFF he was inspired to write the book after reflecting on the life of his father who passed away from a heart attack at age 36 when DeVon was only 9-years-old. 

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DeVon revealed that years later, he found out his father was having an affair with a female family member and it blew him away. When he just happened to ask the women in his family if they believed men could be faithful, the response he got was, “no.” And that blew him away. He wanted to be different. 

As he explored his own manhood, he came across ideas of how men deal with issue and where women usually fall victim in between them. DeVon, who believes every man struggles with lust, hopes this book will encourage men to be better/choose love and educates women on “what men are dealing with so they can navigate their relationships better” with men. 

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“Lust, I call that the dog. It’s a metaphor but I believe that every man has the dog in them. But I also believe every man has love in them, which is the master. So that is love of self, love of God, love of family,” he said. “The dog is selfish. It wants what it wants when it wants it, how it wants it, but love it self-less. It’s sacrificial. If a man does not put love in control of lust every day, if he does not work on mastering the dog within, he will become what that dog wants him to be.” 

And that’s why he wrote the book, he says. “To help men navigate this issue.” Press play up top to hear his interview with Erica and GRIFF.



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