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Washington, D.C. has reached a new monetary high!!

The city issued more than a million Speed Camera Tickets to Residents and Non Residents with a net profit of $104 Million Dollars

AAA’s John Townsend:  “The number of people getting tickets in the city is exploding. It has increased four-fold since 2007.”

The District said its speed cameras are slowing drivers and increasing road safety, but if that is the case, why are they issuing more tickets and making more money.

AAA’s John Townsend:  “They’re coming out with new speed cameras that are mounted on poles and near the tree line … so, we expect the number of tickets to increase.”

The D.C. Council’s transportation committee is expected to weigh a new proposal from the District Department of Transportation aimed at boosting public safety by raising the highest speed camera tickets from $300 to $500 for speeding 25 mph in excess of the posted limit on residential streets and to $400 for exceeding by 25 mph the posted speed limit on highways.

Speed camera sign with graffiti

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