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You don’t here about celebrities attending local government meetings often, if not at all. Comedian Dave Chappelle looks to the be the exception to that. Chappelle took part in is local Yellow Springs, Ohio town hall meeting to discuss police reform and finding a new police chief. Apparently there was an incident in his neighborhood that led to the resignation of Yellow Springs police chief David Hale.

Chappelle spoke on the incident but did say that law enforcement has protected him in the past. But in looking for a new leader, the comedian offered these thoughts.

“The council has a tremendous opportunity to be like a leader in progressive law enforcement,” he asserted. “I would beseech the council to look deeply and to look hard, because…this is a golden opportunity,” adding, “In this Trump era, this is an opportunity to show everybody that local politics reign supreme.”

News Sources: Uproxx, Dayton Daily News
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