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It’s been almost five years since Whitney Houston passed away, but the guilt of her death still haunts Ray J.

The television personality made an appearance on UK’s Celebrity Big Brother where singer Stacy Francis is a cast member. The pair were both with Houston the night before she died in 2012 where an infamous nightclub argument happened.

As reported by The Sun: Back in 2012, American tabloids erupted when Whitney, 48, – who was in an on/off relationship with toyboy Ray J, at the time 31, – scrapped with US X Factor star, Stacy after she discovered the pair talking in a nightclub. Reports state that Whitney was performing at singer Kelly Price’s pre-Grammy party at Tru Hollywood when she spotted the pair in a conversation with each other when she left the stage on February 9.

According to witnesses who spoke to RadarOnline, Whitney had been ‘heavily drinking tequila’ and ran over to them to confront the pair. The source told the site: “[She] began screaming ‘This is my man! I’m a cougar! B***h, get away from my man’”. She then is said to have pushed Stacy in the forehead – to which Stacy pushed Whitney back in retaliation – and other performers at the evening’s event got involved as split the pair up.

Fast forward to now and Stacy feels that the weight of Whitney’s death on her. On the show, her and Ray J have a heart to heart about what happened, how fingers were pointed, and the guilt he’s never talked about.

In his confessional on the show Ray J says, “Stacy and I we had a conversation about what happened with Whitney Houston before she passed.” Adding, “I never talk about it but it was something I felt she wanted to talk about and it was the right time so we talked briefly about it and I told them how I felt, how I blame myself on a lot of stuff. I just had to talk about it for a minute and then I just got up off it it as I don’t like to get emotional, I’m not an emotional kind of person. I don’t like taking myself back there so I caught some flashes and I don’t feel well but I’m OK, I think it was needed. I never really talked to no one about it.”

Closure in these sort of things is always good. But we can’t help but wonder what truly happened and if something could have been prevented from losing one of the world’s brightest stars.


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