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Donald Trump and his supporters don’t paint a pretty picture for America should he become president.

Over the course of the 2016 presidential campaign, most of America has been aghast at the things the GOP presidential nominee has said and unnerved by many of the actions of his supporters.

With the polls so close in many states and the resurgence of the Clinton email scandal, Roland Martin and NewsOne Now discussed what America would look like if Trump were elected President of the United States of America.

Martin, host of NewsOne Now, shared that nearly one-third of a sample group of Trump supporters follow White nationalists on social media.

Eugene Craig III, Vice Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party, said, “With Steve Bannon being the campaign chairman, Donald Trump for the last couple of years has been stroking the darker sense of the American populism.

“You see it online every day at Breitbart, you see it online every day in the darkest parts of the internet, you see it online with the Alt-Right, which is American racist by another term,” said Craig. “Donald Trump has brought these folk to the forefront and has given them a platform they feel as though is their own.”

Jessica Byrd, Principal of Three Point Strategies, told Martin Trump’s campaign “explicitly condones” the use of inflammatory language and “is inciting it across this country.”

Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of the Color of Change, reminded viewers Trump “launched his campaign by calling a whole group of people rapists” and “came onto the [political] stage by questioning the legitimacy of the first Black president.”

The Black activist does not think anyone should be surprised by bigoted views being expressed by Trump and his supporters at this point, but finds the “confluence of Donald Trump and reality TV and social media, this place where the villain becomes that star,” to be rather interesting.

Robinson also said websites like Reddit allow individuals who harbor bigoted views to gather, “build more energy together, and feel more connected.”

Robinson explained Trump’s rhetoric has given them a voice.

“The question will be: Do 50 percent of the American public accept that? Do 50 percent of the registered voters who will turn out accept that? That’s what we’re all worried about, that’s what we’re waiting to see,” said Robinson.

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss what America would look like if Donald Trump were to be elected the next President of the United States in the video clip above.


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