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Luxurious, affordable, spacious and sophisticated are a few words that come to mind after crusing around Sausalito, San Francisco in Buick’s 2017 Encore model.

As a young professional, who is always on the go and carries her life in her pocketbook, it’s important to me for my car to reflect my lifestyle while still being effective. While I crave the luxuries found in a foreign car, let’s be honest, I’m still rising the ranks in my career and can’t afford to maintain a luxury whip.

The Buick Encore starts at $22,990, packing quality, efficiency and affordability into a sleek vehicle.

Here’s the top 5 things I love about the Buick Encore:

5. It’s an SUV, but small enough to fit in those tight parking spaces.

Finding parking in NYC or cities like San Francisco is the bane of my driving existence. The Buick Encore is an SUV but small enough to fit in those compact parking spaces. It also packs a rear view camera that provides extra security whhile backing up.

4. The dashboard is multi-functional

The Buick Encore’s dashboard is equipped with an eight-inch diagonal color-touch screen display that give you complete control and information at a glance. Read: it helps those GPS-inept.

3. Built-In Wifi

Is there anything more glorious to an iPhone user than Wifi in our most sacred settings? The Buick Encore boasts 4G Wifi, which means you won’t run up your date bill while playing Spotify. Because everything sounds better in the Encore.

2. Lots Of Trunk Space

With two pairs of shoes (or more) always in my car, having tons of trunk space is important to me. The Buick Encore packs an impressive amount of cargo space.

1. Push To Start

There’s one luxury component I just can’t do without and that’s a push-to-start engine. Not only does the Buick have an intuitive push-button start button, the Buick app allows you to start and warm the car faraway.

Need I say more? For more info on the 2017 Buick Encore, click here.



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