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Several months ago, Donald Trump invited hackers in Russia to infiltrate the United States and find 30,000 of Hillary Clinton’s allegedly missing emails.

If the Russians did not answer the call, we know someone has. WikiLeaks released thousands of emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta over the past week. According to USA Today, the third installment of the Clinton email leaks provide “an inside look into the campaign’s discussions over everything from her private email server to Donald Trump.”

Regardless of who the hacker(s) are, there is a larger problem waiting in the wings as we approach November 8th: Will Russian hackers impact election results on Election Day?

In August, CNN reported Russian hackers breached elections systems in Illinois and Arizona. If they are able to gain access to the systems on November 8th, it could prove disastrous for one of the most important elections of our time.

Tuesday morning on NewsOne Now, Roland Martin and his panel of guests discussed the potential impact an Election Day hack may have and what connection Donald Trump has with Russia.

NewsOne Now panelist A. Scott Bolden, Defense Attorney and Parter at Reed Smith, LLP, expressed concern over the potential election systems breach and said the relationship between Trump and the Russians “needs to be explored and investigated now, as opposed to later.”

Bolden continued, “The bigger story is the misinformation and the impact of Russia’s efforts to influence this election and on Election Day, whether they are able to hack into the various state voting machines.

“The integrity of the voting – not voter fraud, but the integrity of the voting with the Russians – is going to be a bigger issue,” said Bolden.

Joia Jefferson Nuri, CEO and Founder of In The Public Eye Communications, told Martin, “This is a very serious issue and I think that as a nation, we’re not paying attention to it at the level we should.”

Jefferson Nuri reminded viewers several months ago that Trump invited Russia to find Hillary Clinton’s emails. She later explained Trump’s open call for hackers to conduct espionage is a “serious problem.”

“My concern now is not just this election. This is a process that will continue, this is a process that will get very big and when people are into our internet … they can shut us down,” said Nuri.

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss hackers releasing Hillary Clinton emails and the threat of hackers targeting U.S. elections in the video clip above.


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