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Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate Ajamu Baraka believes if people are concerned about democracy, believe in choice or real fundamental change, “The only place to go and the only support you should give is to the Green Party ticket.”

Baraka spoke with Roland Martin during Tuesday morning’s NewsOne Now about why African-Americans should support his party during this year’s critical election.

He also told Martin, “If you believe we have a responsibility to our people, a responsibility to the future or a responsibility to disconnect from the corrupt politics of the status quo, then we have to have the courage to make some courageous decisions, which means we have to break free from the two-party monopoly.”

Martin, host of NewsOne Now, questioned Baraka about how the Green Party can expand their reach to become a true third-party and poll above two percent.

“We have to go around the control of the corporate media … to take our message directly to the American people,” he said. “We have a challenge. As long as we have the two parties in collaboration with the corporate media, the side who gets exposed to the American people is going to be very difficult.”  

Baraka later said, “If we had a chance to penetrate the control of the corporate entity that controls the debates and got a chance to debate, not only would we be competitive … we would win.”

“It’s clear people are looking for a change,” he continued. “We have two candidates that are the most distrusted, disliked ever in the history of politics and if they (voters) had a chance to be exposed to something new, a new kind of message, a new vision, I think we would make history.”

NewsOne Now panelist A. Scott Bolden empathized with the Green Party’s slow growth and marginalization by corporate media, but told Baraka, “I want my vote to count now and while I want my candidate to win, I want my vote to count and I don’t want the Green Party taking votes away from my Democratic candidate…I want real access, I want real power, and that comes from voting for a Democrat or Republican.”

Baraka responded: “Your vote doesn’t count when you vote for a Democrat, cause the Democrats are not going to challenge concentrated power…If you are really serious and committed to building an alternative, then you have no other choice but to support the Green Party,” he concluded.

Watch Roland Martin, Green Party candidate Ajamu Baraka, A. Scott Bolden, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the Green Party’s campaign for the White House in the video clip above.


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