Washington subway

Source: Filippo Manaresi / Getty

Metro; with all it’s problems with ridership being down, trains malfunctioning, trains running on single tracks, late arrivals and trains not showing up on time, trains running red lights putting the general public in danger, said they still need $300 million dollars in operating cost.

Metro Board Chairman Jack Evans says he promises to block any fare hike or increase next year; he says it won’t happen under his watch.

Evans says the fares are already too high, and with the world watching our system, the last thing we need is to raise the fares on a failing subway system.

Jack Evans, a D.C. Councilman said he and his fellow voting member appointed by the District, Corbett Price, would use what is known as a jurisdictional veto to prevent any fare increases.

So if you are a Metro rider on a regular basis, you can relax a minute – the boss said “NO FARE HIKE.”