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In this year’s highly contested presidential election, every vote – and every demographic – counts; neither Republicans nor Democrats can take any voting block for granted.

Democrats are looking to attract and retain White working-class male voters, a vital block of the American electorate and one Democrats have had trouble reaching in the past.

On Wednesday, Roland Martin spoke with New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan about what Democrats can do to hold on to the White working-class vote.

Sen. Booker shared with Martin, host of NewsOne Now, that he understands the frustration many White men feel and said, “We shouldn’t demean that experience they’re having.”

“If you are a person that is a blue-collar, working-class White male, the party platform that we have is going to give you more economic opportunity, better college experience for your kids to go to college, better opportunities for you to retire with security.”

Sen. Booker added, “We have to get the policy, but also the heart and the spirit of people to understand that we have a better policy direction than the Republican party.”

While talking about Donald Trump’s business practices, Rep. Tim Ryan said, “Once these working-class folks know that he’s coming in trying to talk about China, talk about Mexico – how tough these trade deals have been and then he is buying his ties in China and his suits in Mexico and shipping those back to the United States to increase his profit margin, folks in my area are going to call B.S. on him.”

Ryan also talked about how Trump has treated workers in Atlantic City and “stiffed contractors.”

According to Rep. Ryan, there are plumbers and painters “who never got paid because Donald Trump stiffed” them.

He continued, “Every building trades member in Youngstown, Ohio or down the Ohio River has been involved in a project where a contractor didn’t get paid and they got stiffed and they will now see Donald Trump as that person.

“Once we get that message out, plus what Hillary is doing affirmatively for manufacturing and for rebuilding the country, White working-class male voters are going to come back home.”

Watch Roland Martin, Sen. Cory Booker, and Rep. Tim Ryan discuss what Democrats can do to attract and retain White working-class voters in the video clip above.


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