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Former RNC Chair Michael Steele spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now about the multitude of missteps that have taken place during this year’s Republican National Convention.

Steele believes the Republican Party missed an opportunity to unite itself with Monday’s voice vote, which ultimately ended the Never Trump movement. He told Martin if the anti-Trump contingent had an opportunity to partake in a roll call vote, “you don’t have a whole lot of delegates walking around right now mad.”

Steele also commended Donald Trump Jr. for his address during the convention. Steele told Martin that Trump Jr. “laid down some markers for tonight for Governor [Mike] Pence” and his father’s address to the convention on Thursday.

Unfortunately for the Republican Party, Steele feels as though there is still tension within the GOP.

Later during his discussion with Martin, Steele said the political faux pas committed during the RNC convention, including the Melania Trump speech controversy, equates to Republicans “sucking the air out of their own balloon.”

Steele then questioned if the GOP “really gets what it means to run for president.” He added that all of the missteps “put more pressure on Donald Trump to close the deal.”


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