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Health and fitness expert Deanna Jefferson joined guest host Avis Jones-DeWeever on NewsOne Now and shared how we can summer-ize our workouts so we can stay cool and stay in shape.

Jefferson kicked off her summer workout tips with one of the best bits of advice you can ever receive: drink sensibly, which means drink more water.

The normal recommendation is to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water on a daily basis. Jefferson said, “In the summertime because we’re sweating a lot more, we may overheat a little bit more. We want to make sure we’re drinking a little bit more water than that.”

Jefferson briefly addressed the consumption of summer cocktails. She said toss those “out the window, especially in close proximity to your workouts.”

For all of the caffeine junkies, Jefferson explained those should be chucked out too: “Those beverages actually dehydrate our bodies,” which is “the opposite of what we want to do.” 

The owner of Fab Body Factory gym in Upper Marlboro, Maryland recommends we “work out around the sun.” She added, “You want to work out early in the day and later in the afternoon” to compensate for increased temperatures.

Jefferson also stated we should wear sunscreen to protect our skin from the rays. “There is a misconception that we have darker skin, that we don’t have to have to wear sunscreen.”

The fitness expert’s tips also include:

  • Drink sensibly
  • Wear light-colored clothing
  • Work out early or late
  • Work out on dirt or gravel

Watch guest host Avis Jones-DeWeever,  Deanna Jefferson, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss summertime workouts in the video clip above.

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