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Black Student Jailed For Sending Fake Racist Threats To Other Black Students

A New Jersey Black student group leader has been sentenced to 90 days in jail for tweeting anonymous threats against her Black classmates.

According to The Associated Press, Kayla McKelvey pleaded guilty in April to creating a false public alarm at Kean University. Her sentence Friday in Union County also included five years’ probation. McKelvey’s lawyer tried to get his client enrolled in a pretrial intervention program that would have let her avoid jail time, but the judge nixed that idea.

But why would a the school’s homecoming queen and the Pan-African Student Union do something like that?

Prosecutors believe that the 25-year-old tweeted the threats because she wanted more people to attend a November 2015 rally on racial issues and thought that would garner up more support. But sending these Tweets had a serious impact on the campus. First, the school spent $80,000 for extra security and an investigation. Not to mention, her actions prompted local Black ministers to call for Kean President to resign, saying the threats showed that he hadn’t done enough to address racial tension on campus, the Daily UK Mail reported.

We hope this young lady has learned her lesson and that everyone can move forward.

Boy Bye: Study Finds That Women Move On Faster From Divorce Than Men


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With society constantly makes it seem like women are sitting at home crying about their exes, a new study found the exact opposite. Women who are divorced feel better about it compared to their male exes.

Researchers from Avvo found that 73-percent of women say they feel no regret following a relationship’s farewell compared to 61-percent of men. They also found that 75 percent of women say that’d rather be alone, successful and happy than be unhappy in a relationship overall, versus 58 percent of men.

Now when it comes to whose fault the demise of the relationship was, that differs as well.

Sixty-four percent of divorced women blamed their spouse, as compared to just 44 percent of men saying the same. More men than women say both spouses should share the blame, with 42 percent of men agreeing, and only 29 percent of women saying the same.

Oh well!

Two Dozen Letters Written by President Obama’s Father Found In Harlem


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Just in time for Father’s Day.

The New York Times reported that a rare collection of letters written by President Obama’s Kenyan father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., have been discovered by an archivist in Harlem, New York.

The letters begin with Obama Sr., who was 22-years-old at the time, expressing wanting to leave Kenya to come to the United States to make a difference. The letters chronicle his time in the U.S., from attending the University of Hawaii, where he met Obama’s mother, and his graduate studies at Harvard University.

The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem is the home of these personal letters, which date from 1958 to 1964.

“The papers are rich; they tell a fascinating, traditional, self-made man’s story,” said Khalil Gibran Muhammad, the director of the Schomburg, who said he hoped President Obama would read them someday. “There’s a reason to bear witness to the personal legacy that is here.”

President Obama has written in-depth about how not having a father in his life has left a void in his life, so whether these letters would open up old wounds remains to be seen. As of now, POTUS has yet to read the letters, but a White House spokesperson said he might be willing to when his final presidential term is finished.

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