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Happy father and daughter putting a wood into the fireplace.

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The connection you have with your mom is a wonderful, beautiful thing, but let’s not forget about dad. In honor of Father’s Day, we want to celebrate the special things that just make a healthy relationship with your dad particularly great.

There’s nothing quite like the bond between a father and his baby girl, and it comes with a unique set of perks that equip a young woman with tools to help her enjoy life and navigate it a little better.

1. A Parental Partner In Crime

Generally speaking, Moms are going to be more protective. She’s usually going to be that voice of reason you need in your life. While Dads can be mature, they are often going to be the ones you do your troublemaking with.

Pop, on the other hand, is the one who may teach you the best practical jokes to pull and fine tune your ability to whip out a comeback at a moment’s notice. You also develop a deep appreciation for terrible jokes and sarcasm.

2. A Built-In BS Detector

Having a good relationship with your father should give you an idea about how a man should treat you if he cares about you. And you have an insider’s notes on The Game. If you’re ever confused about how a guy is acting, you can bounce those questions off of dear old Dad. He’ll give you an honest opinion and great advice.

Therefore, when you’re not being treated in a way that is consistent with the words “I love you,” you know it. You can pick up on the disparity a little more easily. What you do with that information is completely up to you, but you will at least be aware. You’ve seen what it looks like and how it feels all your life.

3. Knowing How To Accept (And Give) A Gift Graciously

Dads love an opportunity to spoil their little girls…no matter how old they are. They’ll bring home presents at random occasions as a fun surprise. These are gifts presented for no other reason than love and wanting to do something nice for someone we care about. It comes with no expectation of a return on investment. All you have to do is say “Thank you” and receive it.

Growing up, this is a good example of how you should give gifts and accept them. You don’t give gifts to get something back. Similarly, you should be deeply appreciative of all presents because you shouldn’t expect people to hand you anything. They should be pleasant surprises that brighten someone’s day.

BONUS: Learning How Men Communicate

Sometimes it can seem like men just do not speak the same language as women. Their actions at times stand in for words, and it can be hard to catch on to that at first.

However, a Daddy’s Girl has seen a clear picture of the differences in ways that men and women express themselves. That means you won’t be looking for men to communicate in the same way a woman does. Adjusting your focus in that regard goes a long way to fostering better understanding between you and the men in your life.


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