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Google recently announced they will distribute $250,000 in grants to fund initiatives that will help Flint, Michigan recover from its water crisis. Google will allocate $150,000 to teams from the University of Michigan, which will work towards creating a data platform to help local leaders and the government with making effective decisions and provide Flint residents with vital information surrounding the crisis. Google staffers will help guide the group while the technology is being developed. The company will also give $100,000 to the Community Foundation of Greater Flint for its Flint Child Health & Development Fund. The organization is working towards providing both long-term and short-term care for children in Flint who were exposed to the contaminated water. Outside of the $250,000 in grants, local Googlers have raised $30,000 for response efforts. “Google, and specifically, develops and invests in pursuits that can have measurable impact on local, regional and global issues, and rallies Google’s people in support of these efforts with a singular goal of creating a better world, faster,” read a statement. Read more.

Man Claims to be Prince’s Biological Son

The saga in the battle surrounding legendary singer Prince’s estate continues. A man has come forward to claim he is Prince’s biological son. On Monday, Carlin Q. Williams filed paperwork at a Minnesota court claiming that he’s the singer’s “sole surviving heir.” Marsha Henson, Williams’ mother, alleges she had sexual relations with Prince in 1976 at a hotel in Kansas City, Missouri and gave birth to her son nine months later. According to federal court records, Williams is currently behind bars for weapons transport. On Friday, Bremer Trust, the current executor of Prince’s estate, was authorized by a judge to get Prince’s blood genetically tested if individuals who claim to be related to the singer come forward. Read more.

Arkansas Judge Gave Shorter Sentences in Exchange for Nude Photos

An Arkansas judge is in hot water after it was discovered he was giving people shorter sentences in exchange for nude photos. On Monday, Cross County District Judge Joseph Boeckmann resigned after a state commission found thousands of nude photos of male defendants on his computer. “They all depict young men, many naked who are in various poses inside the judge’s home and outside in his yard,” read a letter by the commission that was sent to Boeckmann’s lawyer. Last year, several men came forward to expose the judge. He allegedly would give defendants his phone number and tell them they had to do “community service” at his house. In Boeckmann’s resignation letter that was sent out on Monday, he promised he would never try to take on a position as a local, county, or state employee again. Read more.

Petition Launched to Have MAC Cosmetics Create Aaliyah-Inspired Collection

Although songstress Aaliyah passed away 15 years ago, fans are fighting to keep her legacy alive. One of her fans, Jennifer Risinger, launched a petition on to have MAC Cosmetics create a collection inspired by the singer. It currently has over 15,000 supporters and is looking to reach 25,000. She has already garnered the support of Aaliyah’s loved ones, including her brother Rashad Haughton, Missy Elliott, and the late singer’s former glam team. “As a huge MAC fan & consumer of their permanent line & limited edition collections, we want MAC to be the first brand to reintroduce Aaliyah’s legacy to the world in a format that it has never been given before,” read the petition. “Our ‪mission is simple, we want her legacy to continue and be reintroduced through a collection with MAC Cosmetics.” Aaliyah wouldn’t be the first fallen singer MAC has created a collection for; this year, they are launching one for Latina singer Selena Quintanilla. Read more.


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