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Lawmakers and the family and friends of Ramarley Graham gathered on the steps of City Hall to demand accountability by firing the police officer involved in the 2012 fatal shooting of the teen, two days after a federal investigation found no charges again

After it was announced this week that the police officer responsible for the shooting death of unarmed teen Ramarley Graham would not face criminal charges, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Officer Richard Haste will face departmental charges from the NYPD in an “expeditious” manner.

According to DNA Info New York, the mayor’s comments came during an unrelated press conference on Thursday when he was asked about Graham’s parents’ stance on the case. Around the same time, Constance Malcolm and Frank Graham stood on the steps of City Hall calling for the firing of Haste and other officers involved in the teenager’s death.

Graham, 18, was shot and killed by Haste in 2012 in front of his grandmother and 6-year-old brother after police followed him into his home, believing he was armed, Pix11 reports:

“These officers should not be running around with a gun or badge,” Malcolm said. “They’re reckless. Haste pulled the trigger but the sergeant there and all the officers there were involved.

What happened to my son shows people they are not even safe in their own home.”

Police followed Graham from White Plains Road and East 228th Street to his home at 749 E. 229th St. on suspicions he was carrying a gun. Graham was unarmed when Haste fatally shot him in the family’s bathroom. This was the last opportunity for Haste to face criminal charges. After he was indicted in the Bronx, the case was thrown out and a second jury failed to indict him.

The mayor told reporters that now the criminal investigation is completed, the NYPD will step in.

DNA Info New York reports:

“There’s due process involved, de Blasio said. “The charges related to the officer were activated immediately at the conclusion of the Justice Department’s investigation. There will be now due process,” said the mayor.

At the moment, Haste is currently on administrative duty. He remains stripped of his gun and badge. NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton admitted he wasn’t familiar with the criminal charges Haste faced, but there is no scandalous behavior to dispute in the department’s handling of the case.

“I already indicated, we on our own would step back so we don’t step on a criminal investigation that they were conducting, a civil rights investigation. So, as far as trying to make an issue out of that, Sorry. No issue. Not subject to dispute,” Bratton said.

The family has repeatedly said other officers in the shooting should also be reprimanded.

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