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Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be for lovers. This year the internet fell in love with two seniors who have been best friends for 71 years. And wouldn’t you know, they’re two awesome Black women.

Put on Twitter by actress and singer Kamari Copeland from California, Lil and Jane explain their bond for over seven decades. “My great grandmother who’ll be 100 next month (on the right) & her best friend who is 102! 71 years of friendship,” the caption reads.

As reported by, Kamari said that her mother Alva had filmed Jane and grandma Lil and sent her the clip. “They met when they were neighbors in 1945,” she explained. “71 years of friendship. Really looking forward to having this for myself.”

In the clip, Alva can be heard saying “And you got to be 102, and you got to be 100, and both of y’all look fabulous.” “We know it, we can’t help it,” Jane responds, as Lil giggles beside her.

As of today, the video has been retweeted 47,000 and liked 54,000. Grandma Jane and Lil are officially internet stars. But more importantly their friendship is a lesson in love and gratitude.


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