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Her name is Kadra Mohamed and she’s the definition of dope. As Minnesota’s first Somali, hijab-wearing (traditional head scarf worn by Muslim women) police woman, she’s bringing the conversation of Muslim women as law enforcement to the forefront. Oh and if her making history is not impressive enough, Kadra is also 23-years-old! What?

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Mohamed first came into our lives in 2014, as she was hired to improve the sometimes tense relations with 80,000 Somali Americans in the Twin Cities—more than half of them in St. Paul—the nation’s largest Somali community. Since last year, she’s proved her worth and has created a relationship between law enforcement and the Somali community.

According to reports, women make up 46 percent of the entire workforce; however only 13 percent of the law enforcement workforce. And there’s even a smaller number for the amount of women of color who are represented in law enforcement.

Mohamed defies all odds. “The reason I’m even here today is because I had an idea firmly set in my head, and I worked really hard to try to get to this dream of mine,” Mohamed told local St. Paul news.

The department Moheamed works for is in St. Paul, Minnesota, which is one of very few United States police departments that allows Muslim women on the squad and allows them to wear their traditional hijabs as well.

Religious beliefs and/or traditional cultural clothing should not keep anyone from being able to get a job as a police officer. In fact, law enforcement should be one occupational field where diversity is king. The communities need to feel like they have someone supportive as an authority and sometimes, or most times, that means someone who reflects them.

We’re all the way here for Kadra Mohamed and her ground-breaking ways! Who run the world?


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