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Alabama’s only openly gay lawmaker is threatening to expose state politicians who have extramarital affairs but say gay marriage is immoral or bad for children.

State Rep. Patricia Todd, a Birmingham Democrat, says she was furious over some of the comments made by some colleagues after they learned gay couples might soon be able to get married in Alabama.

Todd says they’re being hypocrites. She says will “out” politicians who cheat on their spouses or have other ethical lapses, but cite family values to oppose gay marriage.

On Tuesday, Roland Martin and the “NewsOne Now” Straight Talk panel (featuring Monique Pressley, Wilmer Leon and Michelle Hudgins) discussed the controversy surrounding Todd’s move to blast out the transgressions of her colleagues.

Monique Pressly told Martin, “It’s messy to accuse or to allege to accuse or say that you are going to ‘out’ someone’s affair. It’s personal private business and I am not in favor of that.” She continued, “However, her message is a clear one that I think is correct. If you’re going to discuss family values in Alabama and that really means Southern Christian values, then what they are saying is they don’t have a problem with fornication, they don’t have a problem with adultery, they don’t have a problem with pregnancy outside of marriage, but they have a problem with homosexuality.”

Pressley called the stance these politicians are taking on same sex marriage and family values “hypocrisy” as well as  an “inherent contradiction.” She later stated “we all have heard stories of people doing things that don’t necessarily go along with Biblical principles, but then when it comes to the gay community, we take this firm stance.”

Pressley summed up this touchy subject saying, “Don’t throw a brick at my window when you got a crack in your own.”

Listen to Martin and the “NewsOne Now” straight talk panel discuss Alabama State Rep. Patricia Todd’s threat to put everybody’s business in the streets for touting family values while opposing same sex marriage in the audio clip below.

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