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All over the U.S., October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I had the pleasure of representing Tyscot Music + Entertainment in the city of Brotherly Love for the first ever ‘Fashion + Faith United for the Cure’ Breast Cancer Awareness event, which was a special partnership with Ashley Stewart. This event was nothing short of amazing with the fashion show, giveaways, guests and local radio station host.

Through all this fun, at the core, the event reminded me of my faith, my passion, my purpose…my own “Light in the Dark.”

Regardless of what life, the industry, people or circumstances bring, we all must remember the call that God has given us. I pray that this experience remind people and serves as a reminder to myself that no matter how dark it gets, find your LIGHT, that thing that keeps you going in hard times. The LIGHT may be something different for each person.

For some, it’s God, for some it may be family, friends, love, music, their career but I know that God should ALWAYS be the center of that LIGHT. I can transparently say that there have been moments in my life where I didn’t always think to pray or turn to God but He would allow a song to come on the radio, not necessarily a “gospel” song, or a post on social media or an encounter with a complete stranger to let me know that I would be ok, I would make it and He was with me. I met so many beautiful and wonderful women and men at the breast cancer awareness event in Philly.

This experience is definitely one that I will remember. I will share what God has given me and do my part and be a “Light in the Dark.”

#imaLIGHTERareyou #LightintheDark #DanetraMoore.


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