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Lil Kim Calls K. Michelle Nuts


Lil’ Kim Has had her fair share of rap beefs, but her most recent feud with K. Michelle seems totally unwarranted. In case you missed it, Kim and K. Michelle got into a Twitter beef earlier this month and the “Love & Hip Hop” star claimed Kim almost made her Godmother of her baby girl Royal Reign.

Well, Lil’ Kim stopped by an NYC radio station, where she dispelled rumors surround the “one-sided” beef. Apparently, K. Michelle is mistaken because Kim says she never asked her to be her baby’s Godmother, nor do they know each other enough for that to have even been a conversation.

“That chick is a bag of pecans,” Kim said during the morning interview. “Like, a trail mix. You know when you eating a trail mix and the nuts that you like, you eat, and the ones that you can’t stand, you put back in the bag? She’s the…nuts that you put back. Like a black jelly bean. She is so nuts, you are liable to see her skipping. Who skips?”

She added, “Why would I ever make her my child’s godmother? I’ve only met this woman one time, one time in person! We talked on the phone after that because she’s a fan of mine. I appreciate that. Anybody shows me love, I’m going to show them major love back.”

According to Kim, their feuding goes way deeper than the Twitter beef that left Kim’s beehive buzzing. Kim says the tension is over a missed performance appearance.

“The chick is sour because she’s huge of mine. Everybody knows that. She’s been bitter and sour because you guys had 105 Power last year. I performed with Kendrick. I was supposed to perform with K. Michelle but the sprinter got lost. It just never happened and she was sh*tty, sour, pissed.”

Kim, who’s promoting her mixtape “Hard Core 2014,” briefly talked about her never-ending rivalry with Nicki Minaj too.

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