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“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” Oprah Winfrey

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!

September is my birthday month! While growing up, birthdays in my family were always huge celebrations but surprisingly this year, I celebrated the actual day by doing absolutely nothing. Now, I must admit, I am eagerly anticipating celebrating during a mini vacay this month, but the actual birthday (September 15) was a day just for me.

A day of relaxation, a day of restoration, a day of celebration for me by me. The older I get, the more I’m learning to celebrate myself, say “no” more often, focus on what’s important to me and my happiness.

For a long time in my adult years, my birthday wasn’t made of importance by others or something would occur which would prevent me from celebrating by big day. For example, last year, I lost one of my older sisters two days before my birthday. This was quite devastating to our family.

Dealing with the loss of my sibling was our primary focus. However, in our mourning, in our dark moments, there was still a LIGHT! In spite of the circumstances, I received one of the greatest birthday gifts, which was being surrounded by family and celebrating the wonderful life of our loved one. This celebration with family was extra special for me since my career creates physical distance between us as they all reside in California and Atlanta is my new home.

Now, this experience taught me a few things about myself and how I shall forever view birthdays. While you can celebrate your life every day of the year and it’s even said that ‘you should live each day as if it’s your last’ but your birth DATE is the one day of the year that you should and can make it all about YOU, unapologetically.

Life is so short.

So, I say live a little more, hug even more, love a lot more and smile a bunch more!!!!

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