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Disney’s Frozen is the biggest animation hit of all time. Critics were iffy on its release, but the icy tale of devoted sisters and its showstopping songs have won over children around the world. Why can’t they let it go?

Elsa, Frozen's 'emo princess

Frozen-mania bypasses logic. It’s a compulsion. Friends have told me about their daughters playing the soundtrack on a loop, reliving the movie as they go; watching the DVD at least once a day; turning each bedtime into a climb up “the north mountain”; renaming their old toys Anna, Elsa and Olaf; loving it so much that they’ll even watch a dodgy download in Cantonese because they know the words anyway. One mother said there should be a support group, “Frozen Anonymous”.

The soundtrack has topped the Billboard charts for 13 weeks and counting. Disney’s second-quarter net profit is up 27%. A stage musical is in the works. A sequel is yet to be confirmed, but is as inevitable as the sunrise.

Fans queuing to meet actors playing Anna and Elsa at Disney theme parks had to wait as long as six hours. “Word has it that those characters are like the Beatles now, attracting large crowds of screaming females,” reported Jezebel.

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