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Faith-based films have filled the theaters this year and several have already become box office hits.


The highly anticipated “Heaven is for Real” is getting ready to hit the big screen and the CBN-Regent University community was given a private screening.

The movie tells the true story of how 4-year-old Colton Burpo had a near death experience in the operating room and later told people that he had been to heaven.

More than 1,000 people showed up see the film and hear from producers Devon Franklin and Bishop T.D. Jakes.

“We found this young kid, Connor Corum out of Ohio, had never acted a day in his life. The odds of finding a 5-year-old kid to play Colton was not in our favor but God really sent Connor to us,” Franklin said.

“I think this is a film that’s a great opportunity to bring in the margin of our community that doesn’t talk about faith or the afterlife. You walk away to believe that all things are possible,” Jakes said.

“Heaven is for Real” will officially release on April 16.