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Travyon Martin‘s mother Sybrina Fulton is maintaining a public profile despite the not guilty verdict in the trial of her son’s killer George Zimmerman. In this interview on  ”The James Fortune Show,” Sybrina Fulton discusses how her family is coping after the verdict and describes her new normal.

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Even though Sybrina Fulton has become well-known, she still considers herself normal and stated, “I’m just an average person and God is just using me to work through other people.” Hear what else she said in this interview.

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JF: It’s the all new James Fortune Show and that was Karvina Jones with I Am Trayvon Martin. I want to give a shout to Karvina who wrote this song as a tribute to Trayvon Martin after he was murdered. She was only 17 years old, so a shout to her for such an incredible song that you’ve been calling me about and tweeting about. And remember, it’s on my website, the You can hear that song, I Am Trayvon Martin on the web, the And speaking of, I’m so excited, because you’ve been asking, and we’ve been sending out our support and our love to Ms. Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, and the Martin family. And now I’m joined on the line with Ms. Sybrina Fulton. She’s here on the all new James Fortune Show. Ms. Fulton, how you doing?

SF: I’m doing fine.

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