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As much as you might be annoyed by Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife for going out in public and pretending to be homeless person, you have to admit that her tactics might have worked. After the rush of negative publicity that came after Siohvaughn Funches went out in public holding up a sign calling out her ex-husband for leaving her on the streets, it is being reported that Wade’s attorneys contacted the woman to close the deal on their divorce.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Funches is going to walk away from her stunt a millionaire, receiving $5 million dollars from her ex-husband. As part of the settlement, there is a “non-disparage” agreement, which means that she can’t go out in public bashing her ex as she has done so readily in the past. Funches feels that she is owed the money because, according to her, Wade had agreed to give her a cut of his endorsement deals, which he allegedly failed to deliver in a timely manner. This doesn’t even count the fact that he also took her kids, which is enough to drive any mother insane.

Wade’s attorney seemed livid over Funches’ actions last week, saying that her activities were disgraceful.

“Ms. Funches has made a mockery of homelessness which is a serious and personal issue for Mr. Wade as his mother was homeless for a period of time when he was a child,” Wade’s attorney, James B. Pritikin, said in a statement.

The attorney’s aggravation seems to show that whatever she did embarrassed his client enough that they had to pick up the phone and give her money.

Wade and Funches divorced back in 2007, but this baggage is now six years old. Wade took full custody of his two sons in 2011. His attorneys say that Wade has been giving his ex-wife $25,000 a month in support, which means that her homeless woman stunt may have been less-than-authentic.

Funches countered by stating that Wade failed to give her income from his endorsement contracts as part of their agreement made back in 2008. But her lawsuit was dismissed by a court last week, likely causing her little publicity stunt.

Dwyane might be happy to get away from his ex-wife, who often goes over the top to prove her point. Last year, she was arrested for attempted child abduction, unlawful visitation interference and obstruction of a peace officer. But all of the charges were dismissed, other than obstruction of a peace officer.

“The safety and well-being of his children are (Wade’s) main priority,” Pritikin said. “Due to Ms. Funches’ current unstable mental state, her visitation will be determined by the court. Mr. Wade continues to hope that one day he will have a civil relationship with his ex-wife for the sake of their sons.”

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