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September 13th, marked the 14th anniversary of the death of actor, activist, poet and rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur. During his twenty five years on earth, Tupac let his light shine through his music, films and poetry.  He left us with a lot of memories and inspirational material that still touches the hearts and minds of men and women all over the world.  One of his most memorable songs, “Dear Mama” is a classic letter that speaks lovingly to all women and is a tribute from Tupac that resonates to this day.

“Dear Mama” has been acknowledged by the Library of Congress.  It’s one of the twenty five songs that was added into the National Recording Registry this year seven days after his birthday in which he would have turned 39 years old.  The Library of Congress has called his hit song, “Dear Mama” a moving and eloquent tribute to both the rapper’s mother and all mothers struggling to maintain a family and household despite dealing with adversities in their life and world.  Tupac Shakur is the third rapper to have his song inducted into the Library of Congress behind Grandmaster Flash and Public Enemy.

As you move through your day and week, take time out to honor your mother and women who are making a difference and encourage them to keep on moving forward and elev8!

Tupac Shakur, “Dear Mama”

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