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5 Times ‘Unsung’ Left Us Feeling Nostalgic  was originally published on

1. Al B. Sure

Al B. Sure

He had the look, the voice and the skills behind the pen to become one the biggest stars of the New Jack Swing era, but Al. B Sure’s career seemingly faded away as he faded into the background of music. Sure is behind some of the greatest hits of the 80/90s, including Jodeci’s ‘Forever My Lady.’ TV One’s ‘Unsung’ follows Al B Sure’s rise to fame and sudden fall with attention to the little details you never knew.

2. Al B. Sure ‘Unsung’

3. Ike Turner

Ike Turner

One of ‘Unsung’s’ most controversial episodes detailed the turbulent story of Ike Turner. Infamously known for his abusive behavior towards ex-wife and protege Tina Turner, followed by his music, the episode focused on Ike’s upbringing in the segregated Mississippi and the traumatic experiences that plagued his youth, offering slight explanation to some of his sinister ways.

4. Ike Turner ‘Unsung’

5. H-Town


It’s safe to say, you knew exactly where you were the first time you heard “Somebody, rocking, knocking the boots.” The sexual anthem gave H-Town their first number one single and catapulted them to sex symbol status. The boys struck tragedy when their lead singer Dino was killed in a hit-and-run accident. ‘Unsung’ tapped the surviving members and influencers in their career for an all-encompasing flashback.

6. H-Town ‘Unsung’

7. Xscape


90s group Xscape reached platinum-selling success with their tomboy image and pitch-perfect harmonies, but eventually parted ways due to personal rifts. ‘Unsung’ delved into the breakup, exposing the culmination of antics that left the group broken without repair. Former members Tiny and Kandi expressed dismay with the episode and refused to blame just one person for the end of Xscape.

8. Tiny On Xscape’s ‘Unsung’ Episode

9. Kid ‘N Play

Kid ‘N Play

Kid ‘N Play’s energetic and refreshing approach to hip-hop made them one of the biggest acts in the 90s. Their fresh to death swag and hype lyrics transcended fashion, dance, film and TV. But could their friendship stand the test of time? ‘Unsung’ caught up with the duo and the people behind their success to bring Kid ‘N Play’s story to life.

10. Kid ‘N Play ‘Unsung’