A lawsuit filed by the family of the late Dwayne Haskins includes some heartbreaking and disturbing allegations...

NFL owners unanimously voted during to approve the team's sale from the Snyder family to The Harris Group. Now DC will...

In November, The Commanders current team owners announced they will be selling the team. Magic Johnson will join the Harris group in their bid for the team

There are four teams that have never even been to the big game.  And eight teams have been to the big game, but haven't clinched that trophy yet! So who are these teams?

Commanders Owner Dan Snyder Claims To Have Dirt On NFL Owners & NFL Commissioner That Would 'Blow Up' The League

After 87 years with the team’s original name and 2 years as “The Washington Football Team”, DC football is now stepping in a new direction as “The Commanders.”

The plea agreement was recently signed where Portis confessed to participating in a nationwide scheme where ex-NFL players filed fraudulent reimbursement claims with the Gene Upshaw NFL Player Health Reimbursement Account Plan.

It was reported that the area where fans were standing was meant for wheelchair access and people with disabilities so the railing was not built to support hundreds of pounds leaning on it.

Take a look at the video teases of Coach Rivera, GM Martin Mayhew and Team President Jason Wright and the new team uniforms.

The sports world is suffering an extreme loss as it's just been reported by the NFL that legendary commentator and coach John Madden has passed away at the age of 85.