(Boston, MA) — Single moms find life a little easier and the economic well-being of their children is helped when grandma moves in. Researchers at the University of Southern California and University of Massachusetts, Boston combined their efforts. They found children living in single-mother families that also include a grandparent are much less likely to […]

The nation’s largest Lutheran denomination is set to debate the hot-button issue of homosexual clergy members beginning today. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America kicks off a national convention in Minneapolis today that will address the question of whether congregations should be allowed to employ gays and lesbians who are in committed relationships. As it […]

(Dayton, OH)  —  If you follow “The Apprentice,” you’ll no doubt remember the name Omarosa. The rather infamous reality TV star is set to enter seminary school this morning. That’s right, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth begins studying today at Dayton, Ohio’s United Theological Seminary.  The native of the Buckeye state will reportedly attend classes there for the […]

(Gadsden, AL) — A King James Bible from 1631 is on display at the Hardin Center in Gadsden, Alabama through September 6th. Known as the Wicked Bible, it was meant to be a reprint of the King James Bible, but contains an error in Exodus 20:14 where the Seventh Commandment reads, quote, “Thou shalt commit […]

(Orlando, FL) — For the first time, the Assemblies of God have elected a woman to the Executive Presbytery. Reverend Beth Grant is a former Southeastern University professor. Lakeland, Florida’s “The Ledger” newspaper reports she is the first woman to be elected to the 20-member body that serves as the board of directors for the […]

VIA GOSPEL PUNDIT: The long-awaited debut solo project from Sheri Jones-Moffett, Renewed, hit stores on Tuesday, August 11th. Known for her memorable leads with Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers (”Encourage Yourself”) and as one-half of the gospel duo, Ted & Sheri, she finally ventures out as a solo artist and stakes her claim as […]

VIA GOSPEL FLAVA: Neo-soul artist Adrianne Archie is preparing to hit the scene with a new studio effort titled “HSMS (Heart Soul Mind Strength),” due on Sept. 29, 2009. This marks the third full length release for the Louisville native, who first splashed onto the scene with her 2005 release “HTHAELLHH-He That Hath An Ear […]

(Orlando, FL)  —  A teenage runaway from Ohio says she fears for her life because she abandoned her Muslim upbringing and converted to Christianity.  Now, an Orange County judge has put her in state custody.  According to the “Orlando Sentinel,” the 17-year-old had been staying with Blake and Beverly Lorenz, the pastors of Global Revolution […]

VIA GOSPEL FLAVA: Legendary vocalist Lisa Page Brooks is gearing up for her long awaited return to the industry. The longtime lead singer of the group Witness has signed to Habakkuk Music Group and will release her new effort “Strong” on October 20, 2009. Page Brooks recently made a guest appearance on the song “The […]

(Dallas, TX)  —  President Obama is getting support for his health care agenda from liberal religious groups.  They announced Monday that they’re teaming up to counter the intense conservative opposition to the proposal for health care reform.  The “40 days for Health Reform” campaign includes having Obama take part in a call-in program with religious […]