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It's time to speak up. Don't let them walk over you anymore. Don't just take their opinion and what they think and how they feel. It is OK for you to add what you want to the conversation.

We’re halfway through Women’s History Month and want to highlight the powerful voices we hear in gospel music. Like all genres, women significantly impact the gospel industry, including the legacies of Mahalia Jackson and Fanny Crosby. RELATED: 25 Black Gospel Artists That Have Made Significant Impacts On The Genre Fanny Crosby wrote more than 8.000 […]

Who knew that one hypothetical question could cause all this?! Melissa Wade had a special guest co-host in the Light Lunch as we welcomed Get Up! Mornings co-host Griff in the studio! He was in town to catch our girl Erica Campbell during the Raleigh stop of the One Hallelujah Tour and decided to check in with the Light […]

CHOOSING WISDOM The word wisdom is used hundreds of times in the Bible.  Time and time again, we are instructed to use good judgement, to make sound decisions, to use prudence and circumspection. King Solomon made a special point to ask God to give him wisdom throughout his time as Israel’s leader.  Because of this, […]

As we celebrate and highlight dynamic women across the globe this Women’s History Month, we want to spotlight those in more niche groups who are also killing the game. As younger women start their spiritual journeys, many turn to social media for inspiration and role models to help with their walk. Want gospel news at […]

Pastor Mike Jr. is celebrating the release of his new movie “For What It’s Worth” on BET+. The film was written by LaJill Hunt and follows Naomi Samuels who is a successful physician who finds herself publicly humiliated and suddenly unemployed. Naomi reluctantly returns to her hometown to reconnect with the foster care siblings she’s neglected […]

As the new year kicks off, you may find yourself wanting to change some things in your daily life, and though making life changes is never easy, it sometimes feels natural when you find things and places that feed your soul. This year, you may want to switch careers, states, or even church homes. However, […]

As we move through the year, many of us are thinking of ways to be a better version of ourselves in 2024, and as Christians, many of us strive to maintain peace amid a chaotic world. With that being said, as believers of the bible and followers of the Christian faith, we all should strive […]

Elizabeth Francis has become the oldest living person in the United States and the fifth oldest person living globally. The post Black Excellence: Oldest Woman In The US Shares Her Tips For A Long, Happy Live appeared first on NewsOne.

Darlene McCoy sits with Jonathan McReynolds to talk about saving lives with St. Jude. Become a partner in hope today by calling 1-800-411-9898!   RELATED: Become A Partner In Hope & Donate To St. Jude! Join Your Girl Darlene & Become A Partner In Hope! Donate To St. Jude Today! The post Darlene McCoy and Jonathan McReynolds Talk Saving Lives with St. Jude appeared first on Black America Web.