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Hello Beautiful contributor Terrance Dean recently reviewed former NFL wife, Shanae Hall’s revealing book, “Why Do I Have To Think Like A Man?”  The book counters the popular book and title of  the New York Times best selling book, “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” by Steve Harvey. 

Losing weight can be challenging and sometimes our way may not be the best for dropping the pounds.  Taking small steps may be the key to losing the unwanted pounds and keeping them off for good. 

What’s your favorite Iylana VanZant book? If you haven’t read one of her many titles, pick one and elev8! Related articles: Top 8 Books To Read this Summer from Willis to Oprah The Christian Jackie Collins has arrived

High Blood Pressure is a condition that affects the Black community greatly. Try these nine tips to lower your blood pressure and live a healthy life.

Food Network’s dynamic duo, Pat and Gina Neely were recently in New York City to kick off  a new program called, ” Huddle to Fight Hunger” with Kraft Foods and Feeding America.   They along with football legend, Joe Montana and sports journalist Erin Andrews came out in support of the program.

When Ntozake Shange released her powerful book, For Colored Girls Only Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is  Enuff, did she know how powerful it would be? Did she know when she  wrote this rich masterpiece, she would connect and touch people all over the world?

The most important choice a diabetic can make in their life if the food they eat. Diabetics should be careful to consumer foods that are whole, low in sugar, sodium & fat and that are preferably not processed.

September 13th, marked the 14th anniversary of the death of actor, activist, poet and rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur. During his twenty five years on earth, Tupac let his light shine through his music, films and poetry.  He left us with a lot of memories and inspirational material that still touches the hearts and minds of […] (Fox 10 News) MESA, Ariz. – On August 17, Bernando LaPallo turned 109 years old! This Mesa resident lives on his own, still drives and walks around just fine – it’s incredible, so I asked him to share some of his secrets. Bernando eats primarily raw fruits, veggies and fish. Meat is a treat […]

Maya Angelou is a global treasure.  She has blessed us with an abundance of books, poems, and films for many years.  Each time I’m fortunate to hear her speak, I always find something positive to take with me to reflect on  and apply to my daily life.