Be sure of yourself and the things you say. If you doubt your actions, don’t do it. If you are not sure what you say is true, don’t say it. Don’t do anything half way. Everything you do, give it your all. Song: Hezekiah Walker “99 1/2 Won’t Do” Courtesy of Niecy Davis

Stop and Enjoy Stop rushing through life. We are so busy to get to the next thing we miss the right now. Stop and enjoy the right now! SONG: Donald Lawrence “Back to Eden” Courtesy of Niecy Davis

Be grateful in ALL things. Whatever your circumstance or situation, stop and be grateful. Praise God for right now. Song: Beverly Crawford “He’s Done Enough” Courtesy of Niecy Davis

A hard lesson to learn is one of forgiveness. Some of us find it difficult to forgive others. We often forget that we are not perfect. Are you perfect? Nobody is. That why it is important that we forgive and then forget. Nobody is perfect not you not me. Courtesy of Niecy Davis

Everything your mind thinks–you don’t have to say. The only person that really cares what you think is you. The only person that cares you are disgusted is you. The only person that really cares that you are upset is you. Who really cares what you think other than you? NOBODY! Keep your thoughts in […]

Sense is NOT common Why do people always say “Use your common sense”? Sense is not common. What is common to you is not common to me. We assume people think just like us and they are just like us. The truth is they are not! Be careful when you tell people USE YOU COMMON […]

Bloom where you are planted Many of us pray for better… A better job, A better relationship, Better finances. We must learn to bloom where we are planted. Do the best job possible at your current job. Be the best you can be in your relationship. Mange the finances you have currently. Learn to be […]

Today’s thought: Mistakes Let people make their own mistakes. You can’t protect people from doing things you’ve done. “Let them make their own mistakes” Don’t say “I told you that wouldn’t work.” Everybody has to go through things- that is how they learn. Because you know how to do something well doesn’t mean somebody else […]

Today’s thought: Control Control your mind, then you can control your mouth. Start today. Song: Jeff Majors “Psalm 23” Courtesy of Niecy Davis

So what people talk about you People talked about Jesus So what you think think people mistreat you People mistreated Jesus So what you work with back stabbers… Man may mean it for bad but GOD is working it out for your GOOD Stay faithful and prayerful! Song: Rev. Paul Jones “God Is” Courtesy of […]