Black History Month

Ever see Bounce TV? I have and I think it's great!! (Especially Soul Train and Back Stage). Now there is another Black NEtwork on the horizon...

Ever see the Movie Invictus? Nelson Mandela unified the country in a brave and powerful way! He deserves this latest honor, his face on the currency! Congratulations Mandela!!

Let the church say amen as Yolanda Sings a touching rendition of Richard Smallwood's "I love the Lord"

If you love Chess the way I do then this will astound you. Twelve year old chess master? C'mon!!!

With all the focus on Tom Brady and Eli Manning this weekend, theGrio is paying homage to the best black athletes to play the quarterback position. Racial bias and segregation prevented African-Americans from leading offenses on the football field for decades, but in the last 25 years or so, things have finally turned around. Here […]

As the month of Black history and love races by we are still committed to bring you the top 100 people making black history today! Cheryl Mills is a very powerful sister!

Chandra Gill, Ph.D., knows what it’s like to grow up in the inner city. “Where I’m from, young people stand on corners they do not own and frequent stores owned by others. Where I’m from, churches overpopulate blocks as some of their own parishioners enter jails around the clock,” she writes on her website. Raised […]

"I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!" Well this young black entrepreneur took it literally to the community and to the bank. Making Black History: How sweet it is!!!!

Today's history maker is Jennifer Carroll. The first African-American Republican woman on a statewide ticket...

Back in 1974 a young Al Sharpton appeared on Soul Train with Don Cornelius, to present a 'black' record to Sharpton's idol, James Brown for his classic song "The Payback":