Mother Jones, a left-leaning magazine, published on Monday afternoon hidden camera footage of Mitt Romney’s comments at a private fundraiser for wealthy donors. Romney’s off-the-cuff comments were seen by many as derogatory towards a large number of Americans, prompting some commentators to label the videos a potentially fatal blow to Romney’s chances of winning the election.

Soon after the first video was published, top Democrats on Twitter went into full-blast attack mode, while socially active Republican operatives largely shied away from the subject.

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Romney’s campaign delivered a statement Monday evening, followed by a surprise press conference from the candidate himself hours later.

On Tuesday morning, the Romney campaign released a new web video attempting to re-focus the discussion onto the national debt, while top Republicans tweeted the video’s praises.

Meanwhile, Mother Jones published another hidden camera clip of Romney discussing Israel, Palestine and the Middle East peace process.

The videos are being released at an especially embarrassing time for the Romney campaign, which is attempting to use this week to refocus the campaign and explain to the American people why Romney should be their next president.

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