“The Hunger Games” Calls Us To Be Better


“The Hunger Games” calls us to be better. African Americans are guilty of falling into the circle of doing as others do in both their  professional and personal lives because they believe that is the way to win.

In the 1960′s there was a rallying cry that we “must not be like them” but be better than them.  In the 1980′s Public Enemy shouted, “We got To fight the powers that be.” The Hunger Games is a tale of the struggle of should we all just accept the status quo or be better.  Call it moral, Call it just or Christian ethics, when we bend for the sake of personal gain and monetary benefit we fall into the traps that are illustrated throughout the book. It is the  ability to recognize the enemy. Understand their game plan. Wisdom comes from those who fight silently in the background willing to give lessons to those who are in the forefront. Often those who place us into the circle to fight for our lives, know exactly how to cause a stir.  It is easy to enter  charges of “Illuminati” or encouraged substance abuse.  In the book it is called the “Capitol”. We hear it everyday on the streets and in many homes. The “Illuminati” has taken over. They are making us play out their most intricate games.

The marketing of the trailer alone hides key secrets. If you have not read the book I won’t spoil it for you. Needless to say, Cinna and Glimmer are the ones to watch. You will immediately recognize their characters in people that we hold dear. There is a physical action that Katniss does that has sent chills down the spine of every African American I have spoken to. It’s in the trailer below. look for it.

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The key moments of self awareness and actualization are led by Blacks. The key push in the moment is a self actualization which seems to be but dying embers in our people. The strive to do better and bring better. The struggle has muffled us and caused us to fall asleep and into the rhythm and routine of “The Capitol”.  That is the challenge truly within the story. Just how far have you been lulled into “sleep”, accepting that life is as it is and there nothing you can do.  Are you in the arena playing your part until death?

Here are challenges posed by the movie and book.

1- Are you willing to accept the status quo because it’s too hard to fight?

2- Have you really tried to change your role in the “game” of life?

3- Do you believe that choices for you are limited?

We want to hear from you.  Have you read the book? What do you think? Has it inspired you to change things?

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