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Have we become a society that is desensitized to human dignity?

Human dignity is defined as the intrinsic worth that inheres in every human being. In the last two months we have had the following actions:

  • A young man dies and his body is left in a morgue unidentified for 3 days.
  • A woman superstar dies and her body is left in a hotel room as personnel allow photographs to be taken and posted.
  • A patient at a hospital in northwest Houston whose doctors decided that he should no longer have medical care despite the wishes of the patient and his family. The “ethics panel” at the facility decided, against the wishes of the family — and the patient himself — to stop medical treatment.
  • A man petitions to evict his elderky mother because he would like to see the property since it is worth more. His mother’s bills are solvent, she is aware and alert and 94.

These are just the ones that we know about in the press. Is this what being culturally respectful and advanced means? There is a great scripture  that depicts much of what we look at. It says, “in the last days perilous times shall come. “ II Timothy 3:1. Our nation is slowly going  bankrupt – economically and morally. It shouldn’t be this way.  We are a country of promise, talent and moral international responsibility. We are so easy to proclaim out loud our rights to freedom. Yet, we do not  think of defending the the freedom of dignity.

No one should be treated  as a second thought or an after thought in place of your success, defense, or monetary gain. A young man should not fear for his life while coming home. A family should not ever be denied care for their  in firmed relative. It is not okay to remove your elderly parent for sake of profit. I personally can recall the callousness of a doctor treating my own mother.  She was terminally ill and he wanted to know why we just didn’t get on with her dying. Seriously?  These things happen every day in our country.

It is time we all stood for something or our children will fall for everything. They will not be able to understand the truth of dignity and respect.

We need to think about the actions we take and don’t take. Silence is agreement.

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