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Living in the present. In order to understand what that means, you must understand the word.

pres·ent 1 [prez-uhnt]  adjective 1. being, existing, or occurring at this time or now; current: the present ruler.

How many times a day you worry about tomorrow during the day. You contemplate next week, next month and often next year. Living n the resent means just that. You embrace the very minute you are in. Right now. This is the only way you can learn to enjoy life.

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Next time you catch yourself thinking idly, watch the thoughts that flow through your mind, what are they? Constant living and awareness of the present develop a new kind of awareness-consciousness. It is awareness of freedom, of being alive, of happiness and joy. You come to realize the peace, calmness, joy and freedom from thoughts that the mystics talk about.

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