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We are all in the midst of trying to save money and eat well. Fresh herbs are wonderful ingredients that can add loads of flavor to your dishes, but they come at an often inflated cost.  I’ve seen two 6 inch long twigs of thyme go for up to $5!

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There’s always dried herbs as an alternative, and those are really good in things that will slowly rehydrate them such as pasta sauces and such. But in dishes that are finished with herbs, or for fresh herbed butter dried herbs just won’t cut it.

What can you do if you want fresh herbs on hand all the time but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg?

After seeing some new products in the freezer section of grocery stores for $6 for 80g of basil (and then it’s loaded with oil and salt. I thought of something.

1-Take whichever fresh herbs you like and ensure they are clean. 

2- Pick off the leaves,

3-chop them, and moisten with a little water.

4-Place them in a zip lock freezer bag and squeeze out as much air as you can.

You can also do the same in ice cube trays, by placing your herbs inside and topping up with a little water.  When you need fresh herbs, just chop off a chunk or pop out a cube.  Fresh herbs freeze very well, but you will lose the colorful bright green if you freeze them.

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Tell me how it turns out in the comments below.