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Deitrick Haddon is taking music to a new creative level with his album , “Church On the Moon” He is a pastor, gospel artist, producer and actor.  The album “Church On the Moon has been in the top 5 of The Billboard Gospel Charts for over 13 weeks.

Before Easter  he took a moment out of his busy schedule before to talk candidly about  the new album, music and life.

Elev8: What inspired Church On the Moon?

Deitrick Haddon: In 2010 we went into production on Blessed & Cursed and I had all this music that was bubbling under being created. I was just in a creative mode. The record company wanted to know where I was at with a new album. I was just in a creative rush. I wanted to do something fresh. I wrote the lyrics “Tryna’ make it to heaven, stuck on the moon  How beautiful earth is from this point of view Gravity keeps on bringing me down” It was then I knew something bigger was on my heart. I had been given this fire. He laughed, “I went and worked on it all year….. I just kept writing and writing and writing and recording and recording. I recorded 45 songs. They had to pull me out of the studio. I was in such a creative place.”

Elev8:Did you find that one song defined the moment that pushed the rest of the album?

Deitrick Haddon: “I feel that way about all the songs. Blaze was one of the producers and it was just the craziest creative moments happening. “Well Done” was a song that I was walking around with in my head and when we started it, the flood gates just opened on this project. It was the easiest time I have ever had recording songs.

Elev8What inspired the music videos to become movies. What was the process for this?

Deitrick Haddon: I had this idea to do a short film. I was putting 3 songs together and creating films.. We wanted to do 3 more songs “Power”, which is a REAL CLUB BANGER and “Touch Me” and “One More Chance” Shooting the Part one was an experience. We shot it in two days in the freezing cold. You hear me? It was raining cats and dogs. I was so happy with the finished product. When you watch  it it’s watching just a musical.

Elev8 What inspires you musically? The video shows many different influences?

Deitrick Haddon: Music is powerful. The greats My list of influences is long. Sam Cooke, Donny Hathaway, James Brown, Jackie Wilson are all influences. I am a huge fan. Even Bob Marley. I can get lost just listening to the greats.

Elev8 Where do you think music is headed?

Deitrick Haddon: I started out just repping Detroit. Detroit has a sound. I think there is a sound coming out of Detroit. I think that Detroit has always had a reputation for music, not just gospel music.,,,,but music. Musicians want to keep it fresh People want music they can relate to. I think I can show that. I want to work hard to make sure that we use music as a way to reach people

Here is a taste of what you get when you see Pastor Deitrick Haddon in action:

Elev8 Do you think we are headed in the right place as people?

Deitrick Haddon: You need to be true to who you are. I sing what comes from the heart. I only choose the songs I can relate to. Look at the church. People want transparency. They want you to just tell them the truth.

Elev8 What made you choose to be a Pastor?.

Deitrick Haddon: That gives people a little jolt. I started preaching when I was 11. I wss groomed for it. I ran from it.  My dad was a preacher. Then my dad called me one day  to come. I didn’t want people to look at me. I had been given a gift. I was running. Your gift will hunt you down.  I’m happy motivating people with the truth. Jesus was relatable to everyone. He sat down and talked real talk. That’s what people need. Don’t just preach at me. Talk real talk.

Elev8 What’s in the future?

Deitrick Haddon: I’m excited that I have new management. Everything feels good. We are going to put together a great  show. I promise it’s going to be something BIG and different.. I can’t wait for everyone to see what’s coming next.

His movie “Blessed & Cursed” challenges the viewer to think about the moral coma we fall into accepting the great things in life. The cast is believable and the storyline hard hittingly honest. It runs against the Hollywood grain with characters who love and try to serve God in their lives. One of the biggest themes shown is  how great artists “lose their self” to the glamor and the promise of fame. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see this movie add it to your Netflix.

They say  when you are this creative the sages applaud. Deitrick has them bopping their head!