Osama Bin Laden was killed. The question to those of faith that immediately comes up is justification.This brings up another concept that in recent years people have forgotten; that there exists such a thing as a just war and a just execution.  A government can function as an avenger of God.

The bible presents the following passages:

Psalm 55:21 those who have war in their hearts are deceptive and evil.

Psalm 140:2: the Lord condemns those who plan evil and stir up wars.

The Old Testament is replete with examples of this, but I’d like to look at a more modern situation.

You can find additional passages  here: Deut. 1:41; 20:1,12,19-20; 21:10; Jos. 6:3; Joel 3:9; Prov. 20:18;Luke 14:31;

In Eccl. 3:3 he inspired writer says that there is a time to kill.  As we have seen, in the context of military action, this time exists only when it is: necessary to repel an aggressor; all other means of repelling the aggressor have been ineffective; there is serious prospects of success; the damage inflicted by the aggressor is lasting, grave and certain; and, the evils and disorders produced by the war must not be graver than the evil eliminated, that is, the act of defense must be proportionate to the aggressors offense

In World War II Hitler was bent on conquest of Europe. He also sought to exterminate the Jewish race from the face of the planet. Those allied against Hitler and his plan were just in fighting him and his armies. To ignore him is morally the same as a police officer who does not try to stop a mugging attempt. There were good reasons, moral reasons to go to war in that instance and it would have been more immoral for the United States not to get involved.

The question that we must ask, then, is does our current situation fit the criteria for a just war? Is the United States justified in using its considerable military might against bin Laden and other terrorists? Let’s look at what we know already.

  1. The terrorists have attacked United States property and people before in the bombings of our two embassies in Africa and the attack on the USS Cole.
  2. They have intentionally killed thousands of innocent civilians for no other purpose than to try and hurt us.
  3. There will be a continuing threat of danger to U.S. citizens as it is highly likely the terrorists will try other acts in the future.

Taken together, I believe that it is the God-given responsibility of the United States government to protect all its citizens by declaring war on those who would seek us intentional harm. I believe that Romans 13 commands the government to not shirk its role of protector and guardian of all those who fall within its care, just as a police officer should not shirk his role of protecting those who fall within his care. To ignore such a dangerous threat to our population would be a bigger sin. I hope this has helped clarify how Christians should approach this very sensitive topic. Although this is a very emotional issue, I think that we can thoughtfully discern the will of God and how He would want us to proceed.

For 10 years America has hunted down Osama Bin Laden  to pay for the countless  lives lost in as many years.  The President announced that he was killed and that we took custody of his body. I  lost countless friends in those towers.

I can’t help but think that this was the right thing not for revenge purposes but justice.

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