Tyler Perry Lashes Out At The Media


Tyler Perry is very unhappy with the negative media coverage surrounding Michael Jackson‘s death.

In a call to an Atlanta’s Q100 last Friday morning, Tyler Perry expressed his outrage over some of the coverage Michael Jackson’s death was receiving in the press. He urged everyone to respect the Jackson family during this time of loss and to give them “room to breathe.” He went on to say: 

 “These are human beings, they’re human beings,” Perry said. “I wouldn’t wish the level of fame he achieved on my worst enemy. I am so disgusted, that, with every great thing that’s being said about him, there’s a million negative things being said. Why can’t it just be about his legacy rather than the tarnished part of what he was acquitted for? It bothers me that this is the focus.”  


Perry also confirmed that Janet Jackson was en route to Atlanta to begin filming the sequel to the 2007 hit Why Did I Get Married when she received news of her brother’s passing. Her flight was immediately re-routed to Los Angeles in order for her to be with the rest of the family.

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