We each want desperately to help. It is something that is built in our DNA. Most of us want to feed the hungry, bring peace to the world and shelter to the homeless. Those are all tall orders. Life is like a ocean, we sometimes need to throw out a life preserver to someone overboard. Today, lets just take one small step. Let’s just pray that when we have a chance to assist, we can and will.

God in heaven, we offer our deepest appreciation for the many blessings you shower upon us every day. We are truly humbled by the bounty of your graces. Through this prayer, we ask for the compassion to follow the inspiring example of the good Samaritan. Help us to embrace and bring comfort to those suffering immensely overseas. Amen.

Opening that door, and smiling is a help. How many times have you walked past a cubicle and saw an unhappy face. Smile at that person. They may need to know that they matter. That helps. We are not made to be soldiers in this world alone. Reach out and help.

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