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Set your DVR! Well, for when exactly, we don’t know. But sources confirm to our colleague Lisa de Moraes that if-and-when Bravo gets around to airing “Real Housewives of D.C.,” Tareq and Michaele Salahi will be part of it.

We know, it’s impossible to imagine the show without the legendary polo-playing, winery-feuding, social-climbing Northern Virginia courtroom regulars. But while their White House crashing escapade last November certainly raised their profile, it also complicated matters for producers: Would it turn off viewers? Or be taken as a slight to the White House? The couple remains the subject of both federal and state investigations.

But for now, they’re on the show, as first reported by the Daily Beast, which said the Salahis will soon be filmed for the show’s opening credits along with other cast members. The D.C. Housewives identities all well-established open secrets, though a Bravo rep Thursday reiterated that no casting announcements have been made. Is Bravo holding off on scheduling the show until it finds out if the Salahis will be prosecuted? The rep declined comment.