The Paradox Of Michael Jackson


Long-time friend Deepak Chopra examines Michael Jackson and the “God feeling.”

Author and founder/president of the Alliance for New Humanity, Deepak Chopra has written a thought-provoking piece about Michael Jackson’s sudden death for the Washington Post. In it, Chopra, who was friends with Jackson for over 20 years, relates Michael’s life to the theological concept of Manichaeism, which Wikipedia defines as “the struggle between a good, spiritual world of light, and an evil, material world of darkness” and the “God feeling,” which is the pop culture phenomenon that entertainers communicate to millions through their work.

A tortured soul, Michael Jackson was both revered and reviled. He was beloved by fans the world over and involved with many humanitarian efforts, yet he was assailed in the tabloids and struggled with self-image issues. Chopra maintains that Michael Jackson did play out the ancient split between dark and light off stage while simultaneously inspiring the God feeling amongst his supporters when he was on stage.

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