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Los Angeles, CA – After selling more than 500,000 units, releasing six acclaimed albums and garnering a host of Grammy, Stellar and Dove award nominations as a member of the trailblazing Gospel group, “Virtue,” lead singer and group co-founder, Karima Kibble is set to release her eagerly-awaited solo debut, “Just Karima!” on September 22, 2009 radio-ready with thumping bass lines and edgy beats undergird Karima’s unmistakably sweet, yet powerful soprano voice as she deftly flows between strong anthems like the infectious “Forecast” and heartfelt ballads like “Save Me.”

“Just Karima” is a very personal journey through Karima’s life that instantly connects with listeners because every song relates to a place in life we have all been! Each song resonates with the listener who is easily able to identify with each experience translated by the song, yet this album cannot be classified by one specific genre, it is rather an infectious hybrid of musical genre’s that is as varied as the wealth of experiences one garners throughout their journey in life – human struggle, love, courage, heartache, strength and lessons learned. You’ll feel the raw emotion delivered in every line and share in the triumphs and struggles of this evolving woman – a woman who came out of her shell and is experiencing life in ways she never dreamed possible and is eager to share with others the freedom that comes from being yourself – the person God created you to be (or all that God created you to be!). For Karima, branching out as a solo artist became a life defining process of self-discovery from which she realized her potential as a solo artist and songwriter. “It wasn’t until I let the fear of singing alone (without my sisters) go that I became aware of what my true calling was as a songwriter,” she says. “I always thought I wasn’t good enough to write songs that made sense, so I figured that if we just stayed together as a group I would be fine! Now, I feel I have finally found my true self.” After coming to this realization in 2008, Karima went on to pen 18 songs in just three months and wrote or co-wrote every song on the album!

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