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With this her third gospel project, Coko seems to be settling more more into the fabric of the gospel community. Her latest rendering, The Winner In Me, which was released this week captures an array of songs for all ages.

The lead single, “Wait,” caught my ear prior to my even knowing that it was a single. This song is a modern day traditional choir song. Choirs across the country are sure to be singing this blessing to the body.

The title cut of the album, “The Winner In Me,” is an awesome mid-tempo driving song that uplifts the listeners spirit as you listen.

“Make A Way” is a riveting contemporary up tempo track driven song that is laced nicely with both slamming lead and background vocals. As a special added treat, listeners our further blessed with a feature from Canton Jones. I believe that this song could very well provide a strong showing for Coko on the CCM side.

With “Rescue Me,” Coko creates a new genre of music, easy listening gospel. This a well written, well produced song and Coko hits a home run with her delivery of the song.

“May Be My Last Time” is slammin’! I listened to the song 5 times in a row. This also promises to be “anthem” added to the repertoire of choirs across the country. With its catchy lyric, and beat you can’t help but join in on singing the song.

If her label, management team and marketing/PR team work in concert with one another, this album should garner great acclaim.

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