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Renew Your Mind | Ericaism

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Listen, one of my favorite scriptures is Romans 12.  My church, we do a series on it every year, which is really good. But I think the part that sticks out to me is being transformed by the renewing of your mind, from 12 verse 2 be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. And I love that one verse, it says, the renewal of your mind-renewing of your mind.


And it’s portrayed as an action something that you have to continuously do. Because if you are used to a certain thing, saying something grew up in a culture, you can get very comfortable in whatever space that you’re in. And in order to move into what God has for you, I truly believe that God has always given us an opportunity to be more like him. So changing the way we think, according to his Word, and his design for our lives, I believe, helps us get closer to God’s design for us. And it is a constant challenge. Because you know, in this time, we’re very me centered what I feel see me what I think what I want. But if I have surrendered my life, I present my body a living sacrifice, and I’m trying to be more like Christ, and I’m trying to take up my cross and follow Jesus, you know.  If I’m praying prayers, like Lord more of you, and less of me than the eye conversation can get a little dangerous.


And so you have to be careful with renewing your mind, not with what culture is saying, but what God has said about me. And here’s what I love about surrendering, all that I am and all that I do to the father, he’s always going to take care of me, I never have to worry about, well, I’m going to be left out and will I not be seen and want to, I don’t even have to worry, that’s not even in my conversation. But depending on what you’ve grown up with, and what you do with that may be a big deal for you.

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So I’m praying that as you seek God in this area that he really does renew your mind with what you think is possible with what you believe with what you believe you can heal from, you know, what you believe God is able to do. You know, if you’ve never seen it, sometimes it’s hard to even process and fathom, but that’s the kind of God we serve. He does things that ain’t been done before. He does things that no one has ever seen before that there’s no explanation, you can Google it, you can go to Wikipedia and check it out.


God is asking you to do something phenomenally, phenomenally amazing. That you’re not sure you can do. And guess what, we don’t have to do it through our own strength. We can do all things through Christ. But you have to renew your mind as he opens doors and challenges you sometimes to do things in other countries to go around the world. And like, nobody ever did that before. Exactly. You’re going to be the first but you got to be renewed in your mind. And this takes practice what you listen to, you know, when the thoughts come, I’m telling you, you’re gonna think I’m crazy. But when the enemy start trying to talk about I will open my front door and be like, Ah, you get out of here today, I will roll my window down be like you getting out of this car today. I’m not talking to you. I’m speaking faith, I’m living faith, I’m renewing my mind. So that’s what I want you to do today, renew your mind. So you walk into everything God has for you guys always trying to prepare you for what He has prepared for you.


So don’t reject the lessons. Don’t reject the hard stuff. Don’t reject it, things that require you to operate a little bit different. Don’t get stuck in how you operate. And so God shifting you for becomes more challenging. I’m always like, Lord, I’m flexible. If you want to go to the left, but I’m used to going to the right than just helped me go to the left and even feel comfortable here. If I’m trusting you then I’m not complaining about going to the left. But I never been to the left. I don’t like the left the left at my best side, but God may be calling you to the left. So to the left to the left. All right, renew your mind. That’s my Eric ism for the day. Ladies, gentlemen, love you. And I mean it. Hey, man, these are things that I use for myself. You know how I help myself. When I look at what’s going on and how difficult things can be. It’s easy to say what’s going to go wrong, but I choose and sometimes I have to force myself to say nope, nope. What did God say? If he promises promised he’s going to help me take care of it than I believe he will. And I’m going to say it until I see it. I’m gonna say it like I see it. How about that y’all that’s already knew our mind.

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